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Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy New Year! Back to Basics!

Hello and happy new year! I just finished my first chocolate RVL shake of the new year! Actually, my first one in a long while. I don't have my official weight recorded, but according to my home scale, I am about 6-7 lbs over goal. Not bad for closing the holidays. I also have a confession to make... A few months back, I switched to Body By Vi, a competing company in the new nutritional weightloss department. That's actually when I started gaining again. The shakes left me hungry. They were thin and didn't have as much oomph to them. My thinking was strictly cost-wise. It was cheaper. Hmmmm? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I was panicking a little, as I went out of 'leeway' (three pounds over goal) I had two weeks to get back in so, I went on a stupid crash diet. Yes, I lost the weight... But immediately afterwards, I started to gain again. I was feeling ill, my skin went pasty and blotchy. As my weight started to climb again over the holiday season, I was about to go on it AGAIN, to get back down. Um...AGAIN? Why would any one put their body through that AGAIN? I decided against it, went back on my MONA-VIE website, and ordered more shakes. So, I am going back to basics. eating healthy, and starting my exercise regime again! I bought a yoga mat for Christmas, and the treadmill is coming upstairs. I am looking forward to getting my energy back. That's another thing the body-by-vi didn't provide. I had to use a spoon to scrape the last bits of shake off the cup. I'd forgotten about that. Thick and rich. And yummy! I am totally looking forward to that again, too!

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  1. You and I are both getting back on track after the holidays...I started back on the shakes yesterday....

    I've gained about 5 lbs of the weight I'd lost but I'm pretty sure it'll be gone in a couple of days....

    best of luck