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Thursday, April 14, 2011

She Shoots... She Scores!!!!


Okay, I swear I wrote TWO posts previous to this (and my measurements!!!!!!) .... to keep y'all up-to-date....  I hope you don't think I just gave up.  I didn't.  I am THERE!  I hit GOAL!  Yippee!   I have since chucked the scrap piece of paper I had my measurements on... as I SWEAR, I posted them! Not there.  Hmmm.   Blogger don't like me.  If I recall, I am now down about 21.75 inches or something.... yeah, yeah... I'll re-measure tomorrow.   As for hitting goal weight: I am 1/4 lbs down from goal!  woot woot! LOL 

Went to Amy's high-low class on Tuesday night.  Wow.  Haven't worked out like that for years!  Even when I was 105 lbs, I wasn't healthy... I drank black coffee and smoked cigarettes (reference, people?) I KEPT UP!  I messed up on a few moves, but for the most part, I did the 'next level' part!  I even shimmied!  I HATED to shimmy when I was bigger...  didn't feel right.... Shimmy felt right.   No grape vine...I'm good at grape vine! *sigh*

Many changes in my world.  Many triggers triggering.  My stress factor is WAY UP THERE right now, and having just hit goal.... I am VERY sensitive to it.   Everyone has their triggers.... Best to learn what they are... As I said, I have lost weight before... NOW is the true challenge. 

RVL is coming out with vanilla cream.... so I am going to give that a taste test for my maintenance ... but just the shakes, no "system" anymore...  Breaky, baby... Breaky.  Yum.

Tomorrow is official day.  I am sure I will still be 'there'... but the B***H is being a prima-dona....(wink wink) I think I would have tried harder to maintain my size 5 in the past if someone had of ACTUALLY been honest and told me the older you get... the HARDER it gets!  

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