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Monday, March 28, 2011

RVL & Motivation

I had written a long, long post on my iPhone... Only to have the whole thing lost in cyber-space.  UGH!  Not sure exactly what I had written, but I just wanted to let you know where everything was at.  Remember at the beginning, I said if it didn't work, I would just say "Live and Learn" and move on, but if it DID work, I would jump up on the roof top and shout it out? This is me shouting from the rooftop: I LOVE this!  IT WORKS! .... More on this in a bit. LOL   

Meanwhile, I have also discovered, I am now VERY good at jumping up!  (I wanted something from the top shelf of the cupboard the other day, and right then and there, I JUMPED up onto the counter and grabbed it!  I haven't jumped up onto a counter since I was 17!  OMG!  I didn't even THINK about it... I just did it.)

Last week, I had a friend over, and I told her how wonderful this product has been for me.  I told her how easy it has been and how energetic I have become.  She, (a skinny little thing, who has only ever experienced being fat whilst with child,) then went on to tell me that it was only due to my own motivation, (of both cost as well as new diet) as opposed to the actual product.  Now, I must stop here and remind you that I am A PROFESSIONAL dieter!  I have paid MAJOR money before to lose weight, I have been motivated beyond the depths of hunger to stick to many a diet...  This has not been due to motivation.  Yes,  motivation AS WELL... But not solely motivation.  It wasn't always easy.  I 'cheated' (quite) a few times...  Generally, in the past however, when I 'cheated' (on ANY type of diet, be it new, expensive or what-have-you), I would then fall off the eating wagon and snarf down anything that didn't move.  Not with this.  I have been able to resist most temptations, I have exercised to balance any 'bad food' taken in. 

Again, the main shocker here for me has been the energy.  I WANT to exercise!  I am enjoying it!  Yes, I have lost weight before... ALL were a long hard chore, with exercise being the nasty thing I HAD to do to keep it going.  I was GOOD at starving myself.  I was good at eating only bananas for one day and brown rice the next.  I was good at eating teeny-tiny boxes of pre-made food whilst my friends ate their yummy Mexican food in front of me.  I was good at measuring and counting points endlessly (and yet still plateauing for 6 months!)....  I was good with the food part, for the most part.  I KNOW my food weaknesses.  RVL has helped me over-come those weaknesses.    RVL has REALLY helped me with that.  I was a breakfast skipper, and then therefor, a lunch gorger... LOL   Now, with my shakes and bars, I am not only getting the nutrition my body needs, but am full and satisfied.  I feel no NEED to cheat.  That makes a HUGE difference in a diet. 

Many have asked me about maintenance.  I figure I am about to go on it next week.  I will be keeping my shakes for breakfast, but that is all.  Have I learned anything from a 'meal replacement' diet?  I AM A PROFESSIONAL DIETER!  What the hell do I need to learn?  To lose weight, you need to eat less calories, and exercise more.  Unfortunately for most, less calories means less nutrition.... Or so much dark greens and exotic veggies, you never want to look at the produce department ever again! (...and they usually just rot in your veggie tray in the fridge!)    I HAVE learned that it's not only okay, but GOOD (as in yummy) to eat a normal large salad with whatever meat the family is having for dinner... I HAVE learned that restaurants actually offer a side salad instead of french-fries with your meal (WHO KNEW????)  I HAVE learned, that if I want some Chinese take-out, I have to WORK-OUT....  So, has the professional learned anything?  YES!  My whole train of thinking has changed, because of RVL.  

I was going to quit TOPS when I hit goal, because... well, I'm at goal.  Why keep going?  And then I remembered all those other times when I 'forgot what I had learned'...  So I'm sticking to it for another year or so.  RVL is there for me, and so are my TOPS friends.  Support is good.   MV has an awesome support web-page made just for RVL users.  It helps me track everything I have done and/or need, and keeps me motivated as well.

I have gone from a size 14 to a 10.   I just bought some smokin' hot size 9-10 jeans, that may already be too small.... tee hee hee.... And SWIM SUITS!  I now have a cornucopia of colours and styles to wear this summer!  Before, I had my black skirted one-piece.  Ugh!  No more!

Seriously, if you want to lose like I have...  just do it:  Click the 'JOIN" button,  e-mail me, facebook me, phone me, message me.  THIS PRODUCT WORKS.  Be skinny by summer!  I can help.

Oh!  I almost forgot....  Test Subject #2 lost 10.4 lbs in 2 months... and 7.6 inches in one month (I forgot to measure her this month... Will update you on that tomorrow. 

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